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Overall: doing remarkably well. I had a little bit of a pain… - Strolling II [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Feb. 3rd, 2008|09:45 pm]
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Overall: doing remarkably well. I had a little bit of a pain breakdown around noon, but mom was still here and helped me through it. Since then, major discovery: if I'm worried I'll be in pain, I should just go to sleep, and then I'll sleep right through it.

This discovery has, however, knocked whatever semblance of a normal sleep schedule I was hanging onto, right off its rocker. As in, I slept from 1:15 pm to 5 and from 5:05 pm to 9 pm today. (Pain meds are at 1, 5, and 9.) If that's the only thing that's out-of-kilter with this whole recovery process, I'm actually doing pretty well, I think.

Pain level: swallowing is unpleasant, but not intolerable, and most of the time if I'm just sitting and doing stuff (such as typing at the computer) I am not aware of any pain.

Mom made me matzo balls before she left! Not sure I'm ready for them yet; the solid-est thing I've eaten thus far is ice cream. But I can really use some carbs, I think (fruit products have been my mainstay up 'till now), so I might heat a couple up and try them in eeeny weeny teeny pieces.

No, I am NOT going to put them in the blender.

[User Picture]From: jinglymushroom
2008-02-04 06:31 am (UTC)
Would it help any to have them with a liquid, or maybe soak the throughly in bouillon first?
I've never had them, so I'm sorry if that suggestion is an appalling flavor idea. Trust your own judgement.
Keep getting better and sweet dreams for all that sleep!
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