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Good news: at last point-totals we were running in 3rd, 10 points (2… - Strolling II [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jan. 27th, 2008|05:28 pm]
[Current Location |Grand Chute, WI]
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[music |vague Trivia Master mutterings]

Good news: at last point-totals we were running in 3rd, 10 points (2 questions) in front of the 4th place team. And we've had two questions since then where we were the only off-campus team to get the answer! So with any luck we'll stay in 3rd over the next 7 hours, and not get ambushed by some team behind us getting one of the really hard high-point questions after midnight. And then we'll get to go to the awards ceremony! I haven't been on the LU campus in...um...at least two years, I think. It would be good for my heart to see it again. Even at 1:30 am, and on not-too-much sleep.

Better news: I hit one of my trivia milestones by translating back into French a motto found on an environmental map (one of the guys found it in English but they wanted the French version). Okay, I couldn't have done it without them finding the English version...but the rest of it came out of my own head.

I've almost hit my other milestone, keeping a phone answerer on the line through two questions, but sadly, they are really lacking for phone answerers this year so the answerers are often cranky and unwilling to be social. Hmph. I've been doing my usual good phone work, anyway.

Bad news: I am fundamentally stoopid and, in my last post, forgot to wish my OTHER friend with a birthday today, aaron_pike, a happy birthday. I'm sorry, Chandler! I hope it's been lovely!

[User Picture]From: eithni
2008-01-28 12:04 am (UTC)

I R helping. Check your phone/email and let me know which is better to feed you answers - texts or emails?
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