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I'm currently making this recipe for cornish hens with rice, with… - Strolling II [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 19th, 2007|06:49 pm]
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I'm currently making this recipe for cornish hens with rice, with the following adjustments:

1 cornish hen (split) instead of 2 (I like a lot of rice with my hen!)
Near East Toasted Almond Pilaf rather than Uncle Ben's white/wild
Full can mushrooms rather than 1/2 (need I say more?)
1 small sweet onion instead of celery, 'cause the celery at Whole Foods looked pretty pitiful
Adding salt and pepper to taste

My apartment smells sooooo good. One cornish hen note: Artamos not only didn't have fresh cornish hens, they were also out of frozen ones. Whole Foods, to be fair, had only 3 fresh ones (and 2 were in air-swollen plastic bags that I didn't trust one bit). But they were happy to split the hen for me. I would rather give my business to Artamos any day, as a local business, but one goes where the product is, no?

Update: Photo behind the cut!

The sweet onion was good, but too little sweetness for the whole dish; if I was going to go sweet, I should have added cherries or something and gone all the way. I had them, I just didn't think of it. I should have added more salt/pepper on the birds; they were good, and tender, but somewhat plain. (White meat was a little tough though. Too much steaming from being right on the rice? Maybe I should have started it white-side up. But the leg/dark side was perfect.)

The amount of butter included in the recipe is perhaps a bit much for everyday...but with all that butter, it may qualify for faheud's decadence cookbook!

[User Picture]From: beckmumble
2007-08-20 12:06 am (UTC)

Your modifications sound perfect.
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[User Picture]From: relativelylucid
2007-08-20 04:46 pm (UTC)
That looks yummy! I have never had cornish hen but I will keep that in mind.
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[User Picture]From: gflower
2007-08-25 07:52 pm (UTC)
I like cornish hens because they are smaller than chickens and easier to handle/cook, and you don't have a lot in the way of leftovers. I have also used cornish hens to make chicken stock, which turns out great, pretty much indistinguishable from stock from actual chickens.

Cornish hens usually come frozen, though, which means you have to plan ahead for defrosting. I had some time to drive around looking for fresh ones that day, otherwise I would have had to come up with this idea about 12 hours earlier than I did.
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